First Communion:

Sacramental Preparation is conducted through our Office of Faith Formation.  Individual are prepared within a formative faith community to celebrate the sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion for the first time with reverence, understanding and hope.

Children are expected to participate in the Faith Formation program for two years and have reached the age of reason (age 7) before being eligible to celebrate the sacrament.

Several special sessions preparing for First Communion and Reconciliation will be scheduled in addition to regular Faith Formation.  There are also retreats scheduled.  Please see the calendar for actual dates each year.
For more information click here or contact the Office of Faith Formation.  Se habla Español.
Laura Lantigua   (305)559-0163



CCD will follow public school schedule (if there is no public school on the day of the their CCD class, there is no CCD class that day) except for Ash Wednesday, where there is public school but there will be no CCD classes, but the office will remain open.

ARCHDIOCESAN POLICY Rights and Responsibilities of Parents and Guardians of Faith Formation Students 4-2015

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